Classy Ponytail Hairstyles for Women in 2022



The ponytail is one of the most convenient and easy hairstyles of all. All kinds of ponytail hairstyles for women have been in fashion in 2022, with celebrities flaunting them on the red carpet and models wearing them on the ramp.

We have listed down a few hairstyles for women to help you pick out the best.

  • Braided Ponytail
A smiling girl in cut sleeves brown top posing for camera and showing her Braided Ponytail - ponytail hairstyles

Spare a little time, decorate your ponytail with a loose braid, and get the cool, casual, and summery vibe you have always desired. It is truly one of the most beautiful braided hairstyles.

  • Wavy Ponytail
A girl in grey cut sleeves top showing the side view of wavy ponytail - hairstyles for women

A ponytail on wavy hair can grasp everyone’s attention and make heads turn. You can even pull out a few strands or even your baby hair to make your look even more gorgeous.

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  • Low Curly Ponytail
A girl in brown tank top showing the side view of Low curly ponytail - trending hair color

This hairstyle is great for days you do not have time to manage your hair. Just pull back your curly hair into a pony, and let all go gaga over your look. This is a perfect ponytail hairstyle for black women who is having curly hair.

  • Swoop Ponytail
A smiling girl in multi color top posing for camera and showing her Swoop Ponytail - hair care routine

If you are bored with the same basic ponytails and want a little playfulness in your style, then this is the right choice. However, you need to maintain a hair care routine for the swoop to last. You can easily try this easy ponytail hairstyles for medium length hair as well.

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  • Sleek Black Ponytail
A girl in black strappy dress posing for camera and showing her Sleek back Ponytail - braided hairstyle

This simple high ponytail hairstyle for black hair can make it effortlessly gorgeous and chic. It blends sensuous beauty with carefree and comfort.

  • Side Braid and Low Ponytail
A girl in black dress and hoops showing her Side braid and low ponytail - ponytail hairstyles

Keep your gaur off your face and neck, and be summer-ready with this hairstyle while looking beautiful and elegant. It even looks great with trending hair colors for highlights.

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  • Baloon Ponytail with Curtain Bangs
A girl in pink floral dress and Baloon Ponytail with curtain bangs - ponytail hairstyles for women

Add a little drama to your basic high ponytail hairstyles and look red-carpet-ready. This can be your go-to hairstyle, be it a night out with your BFFs or an event. This a perfect ponytail hairstyle for Indian attire.

  • Loose Low Ponytail
A smiling girl in black and white floral strappy dress posing for camera and showing her Loose Low ponytail - trending hair color

This hairstyle undoubtedly looks magnificent as well as is quite a stylish way to take a break from tight high ponytails that can sometimes result in hair breakage.

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  • Side Ponytail
A girl in pink lipstick showing her Side Ponytail - Half Ponytail

Pull your hair to the side, but not too high, just a little above the neck, and you can go from ordinary to extraordinary in a few seconds within much pomp and show.

  • Half Ponytail
A girl posing for camera and showing her Half Ponytail - hair care routine

This ponytail hairstyle for girls has made a great comeback this year as it suits all kinds of faces. For example, the hair on the crown makes a round-shaped face look elongated and frames all shapes of faces. It makes your hair looke voluminous.

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  • Prom Ponytail
A girl in white tank top showing the side view of her Prom Ponytail - braided hairstyle

It is a great choice for proms or more formal events, hence the name. It also gives a very dreamy look with a medium ponytail and hair slightly curled into waves.

  • Urban Ponytail
A girl in red top and hoop earrings posing for camera and showing her Urban Ponytail - ponytail hairstyles

Show your confident and bold side through your look, and this hairstyle is the perfect way to do it. This look is to die for with a sleek high ponytail and baby hair on the front.

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  • Reverse French Braid Ponytail
A girl in off white dress taking a selfie in front of mirror - ponytail hairstyles for women

This might be a little time-consuming, but it is worth it, especially when you do not want to be interrupted by that little hair left behind after a ponytail and on your neck. It is truly one of the unique braided hairstyles. This is an appropriate ponytail hairstyle for long hair.

  • Messy Waves Style
A girl in white strappy dress giving a side pose of her messy Waves Style - trending hair color

Apart from the fact that it makes the hair look thick, it is a super stylish look that is pleasant on the eyes and quite casual and light to carry.

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  • High Voluminous Ponytail
A girl in black boat neck top posing for camera and showing her High Voluminous Ponytail - hair care routine

This hairstyle is a boon for women with thin hair as it can create the illusion of a fuller ponytail and make the hair look lush.

  • Cascading Ponytail
A girl posing for camera and showing her Cascading Ponytail - braided hairstyle

Upgrade your basic ponytail hairstyle to a cascading ponytail and get the feel and look of a princess straight out of fairyland.

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  • Low Ponytail with Side Bangs
A smiling girl in blue coat showing her Low Ponytail with Side Bangs hairstyle - ponytail hairstyles

Do your everyday look with a lot more styles and edginess with this hairstyle. The pulled-back hair gives you enough space to feel relaxed, and the bangs add the style quotient to it. It is also a good option for short ponytail hairstyle.

  • High Ponytail with Side Bangs
A girl in white stones dress showing her High Ponytail with side bangs - short ponytail hairstyles for women

Get your girl-next-door look with just a few basic steps, and you’re good to go. The side bangs add the fun and playfulness you want in life. This is one of the best simple ponytail hairstyles for everyday.

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  • Bow Accessorized Ponytail
A girl in black top with stones earing posing for camera and showing her Bow-Accessorized Ponytail - trending hair color

Women love to accessorize, and with this super glamourous look, you no longer need to shy away from decorating your simple pony with bows, which you find appealing.

  • Side Parted Ponytail
A girl with tube dress and long earing posing for camera and showing her Side Parted Ponytail - hair care routine

Look super Uber chic with this hairstyle that has its roots in the 80s. It also allows you space to try out different looks and different attires.

  • Twisted Ponytail
A girl in orange shimmery dress posing for camera and showing her Twisted Ponytail - braided hairstyle

The current fashion world has opened up new scope for experimentation, and what better way to experiment with a basic ponytail than this hairstyle.

  • Dutch Braid Mohawk Ponytail
A girl in black jacket showing the side view of her Dutch Braid Mohawk Ponytail - ponytail hairstyles

A part of us loves all kinds of braids and ponytails, and when these two meet, it’s just a blessing. Channel your rebellious and confident self with this hairstyle.

  • Thick French Braid Ponytail
A girl in sky blue and white top showing her Thick French Braid Ponytail - hairstyles for women

This hairstyle is the perfect combination of bold style, edge, braids, and ponytails. It is a treat to the eyes and quite easy to carry and manage.

With the several options of ponytail hairstyles for women given above, which can be your hairstyles guide, you can now try out different looks and not just get stuck on the mundane.

Arushi Garg
Arushi Garg
I’m Arushi Garg, working at Blogging Studio as a lifestyle blogger who shares her geeky relationship adventures, food, beauty, hair and skin care tips that empowers everyone to stay inspired and live a stylish life in a creative way.

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