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If you are born between February 19 to March 20, then you will be considered a Pieces. You must know about Pisces personality traits. It is the 12th sign of the calendar, and the element of Pisces is Water. Their lucky colors are the following: Lilac, Purple, Mauve, and Sea Green.

According to explorations, their lucky day is Thursday, and the planets that rule them are Jupiter and Neptune. Some of their compatible signs include Taurus and Virgo. Lucky numbers for pieces are 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24.

It is prescribed for them to work in their field as musicians, artists, lawyers, architects, or even social workers.

The best thing about Pisces is that they are valued and loved by their family and friends. They love spending time with their family and make sure to make them their priority.

Pisceans as friends have good empathizing skills. They can be people-pleasers from time to time. Getting along with a Piscean is not that difficult as they are easy to get people, and since they are good listeners, they will offer advice or help.

Best Partner for Pisces: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Least Compatible Signs: Sagittarius and Gemini.

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Pisces’ general personality traits are that they are creative or artistic, intuitive, compassionate, wise, and gentle.

The Pisces general characteristics are that they prefer their own company from time to time, but they are also very friendly and like to make others feel comfortable.

As Pisces is a Water sign and their ruling planet is Neptune, it makes their personality easy to go and extremely compassionate. They also have an intuitive side, which allows them to understand and observe people.

Pieces-borns are usually hopeless romantics. They happen to be extremely gentle lovers and loyal to their partners. They do not invest their time in short-term relationships. Not only are they great and caring lovers, but they are also great friends.

Due to their intuitive nature, Pisces-borns are problem solvers and great listeners, so their immediate circle always vouches for their support and advice.

Some of the Pisces personality traits are that they are really expressive and believe in communication, rather than assumption. Pisces people often have creative skills but due to their good communication skills

Pisces are generally romantic. They love people who are open to conversations. Some of their traits include compassion, sensitivity, and kindness. They are gentle and helpful. They like people with a good sense of humor and good listeners.

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Here are some of the best or positive Pisces personality traits that most will agree

● Sensitivity: Pisces are known to be very sensitive individuals. Since they are expressive about their feelings, they also prefer if others do the same with them.

● Creativity: They are one of the most artistic of all zodiac signs. They love to imagine and dream, which enables them to achieve any of their creative goals. Their hobbies include music, art, and writing. Due to these characteristics, they open to new ideas, which allows them to explore their creativity.

Empathetic: Pisces are great listeners and incredibly empathetic. They are reliable and will make you feel better.

● Generous: Pisces are generous people who are known for putting others’ needs before theirs. They believe in spreading happiness.

● Apart from these being their top qualities, they are wise, gentle, and enjoy music.

Despite having great qualities that spread positive vibes, Pisces also has some flaws. Here are some of the common negative traits of Pisces personalities:

Overly sensitive: Being in tune with your emotions is a great thing as it requires a lot of courage to express your true self. Pisceans are great in that matter, but many people might find it difficult to relate to. People sometimes avoid overly emotional people as it might get one into a negative mood.
Grudge holders: They do not easily forget things that might have hurt them or caused them trouble.

Impractical Goals: Sometimes, due to their imaginative and creative aspirations, Pisceans can have impractical goals that cannot be easily achieved. They are too optimistic and lack realism in many important scenarios.

Keeps to themselves: Although Pisces are extremely generous and trusting, it can be difficult for them to open their real selves unless they find a person reliable enough.

● They often have an unconventional desire to escape from reality, which leads them to be unhappy.

  1. Aamir Khan was born on March 14, 1965; he has great creative skills like any Pieces born; he is extremely hardworking and challenges himself to play versatile roles.
Aamir Khan wearing blue tshirt

2. Alia Bhatt was born on March 15, 1993; her bubbly and smiling nature is just how Pisces personality women are. They love to make others smile and are extremely expressive and joyful.

Alia Bhatt looking gorgeous in grey dress

3. Tiger Shroff was born on March 02, 1990. He is a great actor and one of the most creative young actors in the Indian film industry who have goals that they would like to achieve. He is easygoing and hardworking, just like any other water sign. Want to know how to DM a hot guy on Instagram?

4. Shraddha Kapoor was born on March 03, 1987. As she is Pisces-born, it tells us a lot about her adaptable and hardworking nature, which has made her this popular.

Shraddha Kapoor wearing blue dress in pose with her smile

5. Shashi Tharoor was born on March 09, 1956. One of the most iconic politicians and scholars of our country is a water-sign. It tells us about his outspoken character and thoughtful attitude.

6. Anupam Kher was born on March 07, 1955; he has the great personality of a Pisces man, as he is kind, gentle, and thriving in his creative field.

Anupam Kher wearing grey coat with black shirt in standing pose

7. Shreya Ghosal was born on March 12, 1984. She is a Pisces, which tells us about her knack for music and artistic style.

Shreya Ghosal wearing blue dress in standing pose

8. Mary Kom was born on March 01, 1983. She offers a unique, strong, and wise characteristic, which is very prominent among Pisces personality female.

Mary Kom wearing sports outfit in punch pose

9. Shahid Kapoor was born on February 25, 1981. He is also a water sign, and this couldn’t have been more accurate as he ticks all the boxes of a Pisces personality male. He is expressive, creative, and a hopeless romantic by nature, reflecting in his film choices.

Shahid Kapoor standing in lobby

10. Pooja Bhatt, born on  February 24, 1972, is an extremely empathetic, articulate, and artistic individual and her zodiac sign happens to be Pisces.

Pooja Bhatt wearing golden dress

Are you satisfied with the list of Pisces personality traits? If no, what you would like to add in this list?

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