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Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage Date is Announced – May 8

sonam kapoor's marriage

The big Sonam Kapoor’s marriage is coming up very soon. She will be getting married on May 8, 2018. This comes just as Sonam is planning for the release of the big production Veerey Di Wedding. The wedding will be a fun event with some appealing events even as Kapoor has been trying to keep a low-key approach to getting the wedding to run.

This big Sonam Kapoor wedding date is actually just a small part of the marriage ritual. Her marriage to Anand Ahuja will include three big events. This will come with traditional activities, although there have been rumors as to where they will take place in particular. The actress and the apparel manufacturing mogul are expected to be a big topic around India that everyone will surely want to check out and see.

sonam kapoor's mehndi


A traditional mehendi celebration will take place on the day before the wedding itself. This big event will include Sonam and Anand celebrating with their friends. It will include traditional music and dance performances among other fun things. People are being asked to wear Indian festive wear while focusing on shades of white, what with white being a color that promotes beauty and purity all around.

The even on May 7 will start at 4pm. There are no details as to how long the event will go on for. The lucky couple will have to get ready for the ceremony the next day though.

sonam kapoor wedding location


The proper Sonam Kapoor wedding will start at 11am on May 8. It will be held in the Mumbai area, particularly in Bandra. The event is an invite-only affair with the media being asked to keep their distance.

The wedding is expected to last until around 12:30pm. A lunch will be offered for people at the event. Indian traditional wear is to be featured here. This should be interesting to people who want to see the Sonam Kapoor wedding dress that she will wear. Since she has been a fashion icon of sorts around India, people are surely going to want to see what she will be wearing for this outstanding event.


The third part of the event will be a special party. This will take place in the Mumbai area at 8pm and will go on throughout the night. The fun evening will include dance and music performances all the way through.

This will include people from both families and various friends who have been invited, although details on whom those invitees are remain unknown. Indian or Western Formal wear is requested for the event.

The couple is not asking for any particular gifts during the wedding. The couple says that the presence of their friends and family will be good enough for this special occasion.

sonam kapoor wedding card

Where Are the Locations?

A person on Instagram provided what appear to be details on the Sonam Kapoor marriage place, but it is difficult to figure out if the information is accurate. The post states that the Kapoor and Ahuja are sending their invitations electronically. They want to do this to keep from wasting paper. Considering Sonam’s great work for environmental causes over the years, this should not come as much of a surprise.

The invitations themselves have some nice green and blue floral accents all around. But it is the details on the possible Sonam Kapoor wedding destination spots that are turning heads.

There are reports that the mehendi ceremony will take place at Signature Island. This popular luxury development project is located at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The popular site has been known to host many mehendi events in the past. But with the complex being located in a rather public spot, this might be a place that the media might try to converge upon to see what is happening.

The wedding is listed as being held in Bandra. The popular space is known for being a good coastal spot known for its nightlife. Having a big wedding out here in the daytime would surely make the event all the more interesting. The invitations state that the event will be held at the Rockdale building, a beautiful site for many events.

As for the reception party, it is being listed as being held at the Leela in Mumbai. This is a popular five-star hotel that is also great for receptions. The site will surely provide the guests at the wedding with a great touch of luxury unlike anything else. But it is important to watch for what the guests are expected to get into while out here.

A Possible Theme?

The cards that are floating around online suggest that there will be a beautiful nature theme at the wedding. Although we won’t know about the theme until possible Sonam Kapoor marriage pics come out, it is surely going to be a beautiful theme to watch for. The couple has expressed a strong interest in green living.

What About Her Home?

The interesting thing about the Sonam Kapoor wedding is that the plans are going against something that she said a little earlier. She stated in the past that she would not mind just having a wedding at her home. Although she is fine with the rituals, she does not feel that people should be spending lots of money on the wedding itself. She does not want people to waste far too much. This would go along with the rumored electronic invitations that have been floating around online.

This point is also a part of why the wedding will not entail any special gifts. The couple only wants the people who are invited to come along and share their presence with them.

The big Sonam Kapoor wedding will be an event that everyone around India will be looking forward to hearing about. People will be interested in seeing what will go on at the wedding and how the celebration will move along. It will surely be a festive event for people to check out.

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