7 Signs If He Likes You Over Text

Signs If He Likes You

Signs If He Likes You

Technology has always been a boon to this generation and the invention of smartphones have just added on to the pleasure of living. A lot of connections have been made due to these smartphones and there are many people who develop a strong bond of friendship just by texting each other. What if this is something beyond friendship? What if you have just started liking him and want to know what he has in his mind about you? If he texts you late at night does he like you or if he texts you first does he like you? By and by, several subtle signs he likes you start disturbing you and you are just not sure whether to go with the intuition or not.


Now we are going to reveal the 7 signs if he likes you over text:

tSigns If He Likes You

1. Nickname More Than General Name

A guy only gives a nickname to a girl who is very close to him. It is not necessary that if he calls you by a nickname he likes you but if he calls you only by nickname then and very barely uses your real name in the texts then there are 80% chances that he likes you and trusts you a lot.


2. Sending Songs

Very few guys send lyrics or songs to the girls over texts. They usually share songs with their friends of the same gender. But, if he shares songs with your very frequently or dedicates certain songs to you especially romantic one then obviously he has feelings for you.

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3. Talking About You Instead of Other Girls In Your Friend Circle

Okay, now this is something that is least a girl can expect from a guy. Everybody has a crush and so do guys may have in their minds. But, if he is just talking about you and doesn’t look at your friends in a romantic way then you can just rely on him and feel secure that he might have certain feelings only for you.

Signs If He Likes You

4. Respect Your Personal Space

Guys are usually possessive about a girl, especially if a girl means more than a friend to him. If the person you like is someone who is continuously texting you and getting angry for not giving him time then you should just back off right now. But if he respects your personal space and understands that you have other things to do as well he will not interfere when you are with your friends.

5. Video Chat

There are many guys who may ask you for a video chat immediately and will just act weird. If he makes you feel uncomfortable he is not the right guy for you. If you both video chat frequently and just feel positive when you see each other, he likes you.


6. Indirect Hints

A guy who is in love with a girl feels shy to speak to her directly about his feelings. Instead, he will try to give you hints of his feelings by sending you romantic videos, romantic images, status, etc. It is a hint for you that he likes you and you better understand it.

7. Dream Trick

Whenever you talk a guy at one point they might just say, “I saw you in my dream yesterday.” Girls, it is their way of just judging whether you are comfortable with the conversation and on the basis of your reaction they will predict if you like them or not. Then only he will confess his love. So if he is someone you love then give him a hint as well and let him just convey his emotions.


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