120+ Boys Hairstyles

Boys Hairstyles

There are many boys hairstyles to choose from, ranging from classic to modern looks. Popular styles include the undercut, the messy quiff, the slicked-back undercut, the textured crop, and the low fade with a side part. There are over 120+ variations of these styles, each with their own unique flair.


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Boys fade hairstyles are a popular choice that involves gradually tapering the hair from longer on top to shorter on the sides and back. Popular styles include the low fade, high fade, skin fade, and bald fade, often combined with other styles like a side part or a textured top.

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Short Haircuts

Boys short haircuts are low-maintenance and easy to style. Popular styles include the buzz cut, the crew cut, the French crop, and the textured crop. These styles are great for active boys and those who prefer a neat and tidy look.

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Long Hair

Boys long haircuts offer versatility and allow for a range of styles. Popular styles include the man bun, the ponytail, and the layered cut. These styles require more maintenance but offer a unique and stylish look.

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