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The Most Popular Shades of Black Hair Color


Like any other color, black has various shades that give a different look every time you try it.

Let’s see some of the popular shades of black.

  • Matte Black

You all know matte lipstick; they don’t shine or gloss. Well, that’s the same case with best black hair colour for grey hair. You don’t see any shine, but it looks subtle.

Make your dream of coloring your hair true with this shade. This will let you avoid all the artificial shine. Instead, Matte will make your long hair look black hair colour natural.

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  • Brown Black

A combination of brown and best natural black hair color in India shades looks beautiful on a dusky Indian skin tone. The color should be blackish brown.- More pinch of black than brown.

The brown shade will shine when you are out in the sun. Having light brown eyes will be a big bonus.

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  • Black Hair Color with Platinum Highlights

Platinum blends beautifully with black color. So getting platinum highlights on permanent black hair colour will be a great idea.

Keeping your hair curly or wavy will make them look even more beautiful. Let your hair flow freely without any hairpins or bands.

  • Honey Blonde Highlights on Black hair

If you haven’t already, then honey blonde highlights on your hair. They suit black hair dye natural beautifully. You might want to keep the ends in honey blonde hair color.

These highlights will add shine to your dull hair. Plus, they can make your hair look bouncy too. Little wavy ends will surely add more beauty to it as well.

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  • Black Hair with Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut gives a hint of brown shade but is more beautiful. Chestnut highlights go great with brown and dark skin tone.

The hair care routine is simple. Proper oiling and shampooing will maintain the shine of highlights. Keep the hair untangled all the time.

  • Balayage Highlights for Black Hair

When your hair lacks shine, it needs balayage highlights. A balayage will make your hair look smooth and glossy.

Dirt and dust can make hair lose its natural shine. Well, balayage highlights can bring it back. You should give this hair a shot if your hair is middle-length.

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  • Ash Blonde Highlight on Black Hair

Ash-blonde is a light color, so if you think your hair is too dark, then get ash blonde highlights. They look best on short to medium-length hair. A little waviness will add a pinch of beauty too.

Getting your ends highlighted will look more amazing than getting highlights in between. A frizzy texture will be okay for the look.

  • Black Hair with Brown Highlights

It’s okay if your hair doesn’t have a mix of brown colors. You can get brown highlights. Yes, it exists for real.

We recommend you keep the texture of your hair wavy. Straight hair can look dull, but wavy hair looks bouncy.

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  • Black Hair with Purple Highlights

Oh, purple looks so good with black color. So we’re telling you it will be the trending hair color this year.

Highlight the ends of your hair with a medium shade of purple or black blue hair color.

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Try something new this year. Coloring your hair can be new if you haven’t done it before. Also, these cool ideas will make this worth a try for black hair colors with chemicals.


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