5 Reasons To Add Chia Seeds To Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss chia seeds

Setting out on a weight loss journey? While diet, exercise, and of course, mental health all play central roles in reaching a healthy BMI, you can always do so with some extra help. Adding chia superfoods to your daily meals can be a game-changer when it comes to weight loss.

And one of the superfoods that can help—very much backed by research—is none other than chia seeds. The fact is that these tiny seeds have gained immense popularity in the weight loss community! 

Chia Seeds & Weight Loss – A Perfect Match

Right off the bat, chia seeds are rich in insoluble fiber and protein. With a whopping 11 grams of fiber per serving, chia seeds may just be the secret ingredient you need for your weight loss journey. Besides being an essential part of healthy living, these nutrients also play a role in managing hunger, which we’ll elaborate on later on.

Another beneficial component in chia seeds is a high amount of antioxidants. Studies show that antioxidants are powerful in cell protection, protecting them from the damage caused by free radicals. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds provide a whopping a good amount of protein. 

And the best part? They are completely gluten-free, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitivities to whole grains. Therefore, if part of your weight loss journey involves being on the keto diet, you can consume chia seeds with peace of mind.

Remember that simply adding chia seeds into your diet or solely relying on them will not lead to weight loss. Chia seeds can help shed extra pounds only when you match them with consistent exercise and mindful, nutritious eating habits.

Rather than obsessing over specific foods and what you should or shouldn’t consume, focus on portion control and replacing weight-promoting foods with healthy yet fulfilling ones—thus improving your overall eating routine.

How Do Chia Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

Given that chia seeds score relatively high on various nutrients, they are a helpful way for you to keep that extra weight under check. To be more specific, chia seeds are great for shedding weight because:

  1. High Fiber Helps Curb Hunger 

Chia seeds’ high fiber content provides the benefit of preventing hunger pangs. The presence of fiber-rich chia seeds in your diet can slow down digestion. This is because chia seeds contain a special type of fiber called mucilage, which helps keep food in the stomach for a longer period, which is why you feel fuller—that too for a long time.

Needless to say, chia seeds are an excellent dietary addition for those looking to shed some pounds by controlling cravings. However, you need to stick to a safe amount of chia seeds, otherwise, you may be troubled with side effects. 

That said, stick to the optimal fiber content to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to process fat easily. Research shows that consuming 30 grams of fiber daily is ideal for weight loss. This fiber content alone can help you lose more weight than any complex diet plan!

  1. High Fiber Also Regulates Bowel Movements

While you may awkwardly steer clear of this discussion, a good bowel movement too aids your weight loss journey. First, chia seeds’ high fiber content helps detoxify your intestines via healthy bowel movements. Next, research reveals that adding chia seeds into your diet can help prevent the buildup of visceral adipose tissues—which is a more complex way of defining that stubborn belly fat

Moreover, when you experience a bowel movement, your body naturally releases gas. This alleviates bloating and imparts a slight sensation of weight loss. While this change is temporary, it does improve motivation!

  1. Antioxidants Improve Fat Breakdown

Next up: antioxidants. The hype surrounding chia seeds is very much real, and antioxidants in these are your proof. Various studies deliver results that antioxidants have protective benefits for your heart and liver. They also have anti-carcinogenic properties and may slow down the effects of aging. 

But what’ll interest you is that the antioxidants in these amazing seeds can help lose weight. These activate the activity of enzymes responsible for speeding up fat metabolism in your body. 

In other words, antioxidants promote ‘fat-burning’ by targeting fat deposits. Therefore, you may reach your fitness goal much faster when you add chia seeds to your daily routine.

  1. Omega 3 (ALA) Speeds Up Metabolism

Full of omega 3—Alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA) to be more specific—chia seeds can help overweight or obese people struggling with weight loss. Since fat metabolism plays a crucial role in losing weight, any additional boost is helpful. And, the widely-known effect of omega 3 is that it helps speed up your metabolism.

In other words, chia seeds regulate the very process in your body responsible for burning calories. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you may shed, and reach your target fitness goals faster.

  1. Calcium Helps Maintain Exercise Consistency

Chia seeds may not contain a wide range of vitamins but are a good source of calcium. On one hand, there is compelling evidence from research that consuming diets rich in calcium is linked to lower rates of obesity. Calcium plays a crucial role in controlling how fat is processed and stored in your body. The more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat it will burn, resulting in significant weight loss.

The other advantage is that you gain bone strength from calcium. As a result of happier bones, you’re able to exercise longer, or at least stick to your exercise routine without fatigue.

Bottom Line: Chia Seeds Work For Weight Control

Chia seeds not only help weight loss thanks to protein, high-fiber, and omega 3, but you can also work these in creative and yummy meals. 

You can pair your with overnight oats, add them to a refined-sugar-free pudding, create guilt-free chia and dark chocolate truffles, or add a crunchy twist to an otherwise boring salad—the ideas are endless and very much effective. 

However, don’t forget to stick to a nutritious dietary routine as well as regular exercise for sustainable weight loss!

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