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7 Real Indian Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Transformation - Real Stories of 7 Common Indians

These real Indian weight loss transformation stories are going to amp you up. Through these weight loss stories Indian, you get to know people residing in other parts of the country and how they defeated their body weight issues.

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  1. SutharsanNrs’s weight loss journey

It all started in the year 2017 when Sutharsan was scared of whether he will be able to live his life. After continuous years of mocking, body shaming, teasing, bullying, and of course, the late realization, he finally decided to join the gym.  He started his Indian boy transformation fat to fit journey when he weighed 120.6 Kgs with 40% body fat.

The fear of inferiority made him make his weight loss dream his 2018’s resolution. He started eating healthy, a balanced diet, along with gymming.

His initial cardio workout included:

  1. 15 minutes of Treadmill
  2. 30 minutes Floor workouts
  3. 15 mins HIIT

After almost 2 months of consistency and never giving up, he lost 5kgs and 3% body fat. Although it might not seem a big difference to anyone else, he was getting one step closer every time.

According to SutharsanNrs, consistency is the key. Every time he thought of giving up from intense post-workout pain, he reminded himself- No Pain, No gain! He firmly believes in ‘WORK IN SILENCE AND LET YOUR RESULTS MAKE THE NOISE.’ After a full year of diet, controlling food cravings, intense workout, and exercise, SutharsanNrs managed to shed his extra pounds and weigh 77kgs. He is a true inspiration for people dreaming about getting in shape and being fit.

  1. Namrata Khirwal
Weight Loss Transformation - Before Photo of Namrata Khirwal

Namrata Khirwal

Namrata Khirwal has done something impossible, which will definitely make you lose your senses. Can you believe that someone can lose 17 kgs in just 6 months and that too without any professional help? It is so surreal yet so dreamy even to imagine.

It all started in the 6th standard when her friends used to call her by names such as ‘fatso.’ Along with being offended and confused, she somewhere felt that something was wrong with her body.

In her journey from 11 years of age to 21 years, she developed anxiety, low self-esteem, major body issue, and low self-confidence. However, what really gave her the weight loss motivation was her severe health problems, which were increasing and posing a threat to her life.

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Not only her skin started breaking out, but her hair also started falling, and she developed Gastroesophageal reflux disease. All this was also affecting her heart, which freaking scared her.

This was when Namrata Khirwal decided to change her lifestyle and body to make them healthier. She started her diet and exercise on 31st January 2019. She advises cutting back ALL sugar and including fibers and vegetables. She also urges people to stop cold drinks and processed snacks and eat more nuts and fruits.

For her, consistency is the key to everything. It is essential to start yoga, cardio, strength training, dancing, running, and making them a routine rather than doing them once in a while. Squats, pushups, planks, crunches are all effective measures to include. By following a healthier lifestyle and consistent workout, she lost 17 kgs in 6 months and waist down from 34 to 27.

  1. Garima Verma
before photo weight loss transformation garima verma - posing in green suit in hotel's lobby

Garima Verma

This is an incredible journey from XL to XS and from being a lazy potato couch to a fitness freak. Her journey started around 5 years ago when she was pursuing her masters. Owing to an unhealthy lifestyle of binge eating and being super lazy, she never bothered to consider her health.

What actually triggered her health concern was she wasn’ feeling healthy at all. In fact, the most important lesson her journey gives us is that you don’t have to change yourself if you are happy with how you look. Just because your friends or colleagues call you by different names does not mean something is wrong with you. You are perfect the way you are as long as you feel healthy.

Days passed, and her workout routines became a habit. She used to push her limits and encourage herself every single time. She also made huge sacrifices, such as avoiding junk food, sugar, and processed food items. Garima started looking for more youtube videos, followed the weight loss exercise, and even received appreciation during the initial months. Her real Indian weight loss journey started when she used to weigh 60kgs in 2016 and continues when she is just 48kgs in 2020.

  1. Pallavi Preetinanda
Weight loss before photo of pallavi preetinanda

Pallavi Preetinanda

It is incredibly heartbreaking to see a person hating their body just because of others’ opinions and judgments. The same happened with Pallavi Preetinanda when she found out about her ex-husband’s affairs with young nurses.

She started to hate her body even more than before as she thought there must be something wrong with her. However, her story is just not any typical Indian girl transformation fat to fit as it is much more than this.

She describes her story as being depressed, not eating for days, dealing with hormonal issues, period issues, and seeking vengeance for something which didn’t even deserve her attention. All she advises people is to have everything they crave.

From the sweetest desserts and ice creams to mouth-watering home-cooked food, no one should deprive their body of what it demands. If you feel like taking a walk, then have one; if you want to sleep all day, sleep but never crush your body for other people’s opinions.

She further encourages people to prioritize their mental health over any weighing scale. It is high time to realize the need to love and appreciate your bodies the way they are rather than starving yourself to achieve that ‘perfect’ figure.

  1. Garima Srivastava
Garima Srivastava Before and After Photo Collage posing for camera
Garima Srivastava

Garima’s weight loss success story has made her, and everyone else realizes that being healthy and living a healthier life are not short term goals. Instead, they are a choice that should be maintained with consistency and dedication.

Her inspiring journey is full of various ups and downs, messy situations, chaotic thoughts, and overcoming her weight issues. She urges people to understand the fact that everybody is different and hence, requires different workout routines and eating habits to maintain.

Garima began expanding her knowledge about nutrition and weight loss that helped her to balance things out and gave her more detailed information. She does not only work hard to maintain herself but also strives hard to help the people around her to do the same. According to her, obesity needs to be defeated together by everyone.

She shed her extra 18 kgs and came down from being 92 kgs to 74kgs. In this technologically advanced era of surgeries, she chose the hard path of losing weight.

  1. Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta Before and After Photo Collage, posing and taking selfie

Being the Director of a Spoken English and Personality Development institute situated in Indore, Mayank had a hectic schedule. His day started around 6 AM, and he had continuous classes till 10.30 PM and, thus, no extra time in between even for himself.

Every new day at the institute was a special occasion for the students as a few of them bought their first bikes, they had their birthdays, promotions, and whatnot. All these celebrations come along with small parties, including processed snacks, confectionery items, cold drinks, and fats in different types of food. In other words, every day was a celebration, and he used to consume enormous amounts of sugar, oil, all-purpose flour, potatoes, cheese, etc., which leads to obesity.

One day when he was unable to climb stairs normally without a pounding heart and shortness of breath, he realized something was wrong. He consulted a doctor and realized he had diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

He started his weight loss journey in India with 92 kg and 37% body fat. Slowly and steadily, he lost 12 kgs in one month and 32 kg in six months. He also believes in inconsistency, making healthy habits, and workouts a routine to live a healthy life.

  1. Bonnie Martinez
Weight Loss Transformation Bonnie Martinez Before After Photo posing collage

Bonnie Martinez

Bonnie used to be a lean child initially but gained weight throughout her years of puberty. She used to weigh 65kgs, and her classmates called her by different names. In her college, she used to eat freely without restricting her calorie intake and doing absolutely nothing to balance things.

Things hit her hard when her mother discouraged the way she was looking, and she felt extremely bad for herself. She had gained more weight in the past few years and now weighed 80kgs.

As a result, she started her Indian girl transformation fat to fit the weight loss journey in April 2016 and came down to 59kgs within 5-6 months.

Bonnie advises people to quit sugar completely, intake lots of water, do yoga regularly, increase fruits and vegetables, replace rice with millets, and, most importantly, mark Sunday as your CHEAT DAY.

Tell me in the comments, if you liked these real Indian weight loss stories of girls and boys. These weight loss transformation stories haven’t been ended here. We shall soon introduce more stories of weight loss with before and after photos.