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Now, everyone has his or her own diet plan and strategic ideas to become a bodybuilder in future. Some prefer going on a liquid diet entirely while others believe in consuming junk along with healthy food items. Despite endless strategies and daily workouts, you feel that something is either missing in your bodybuilding diet plan or your workout routine is not beneficial.

The first thing that we all must know is that we just cannot create our own diet plan or workout routine without consulting any expert opinion. There are many YouTubers who not only give professional advice but also upload the videos on their channels so that proves beneficial to millions of people across the globe.

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So, let us have a look such professionals from credible YouTuber’s Indian Bodybuilding diet plan:

Bodybuilding Diet Plan by Fit Tuber

Fit Tuber is one of the most popular fitness youtube channels that not only provides credible workout plans and diet plan for aspiring bodybuilders but also gives expert opinions when questioned. If you will ever go through the videos of their channel and try them out in real life, you will actually witness a lot of change. I know it is hard to believe but you can definitely go for it as this channel has received a lot of positive reviews and explains things well step-by-step. So let us have a look at the protein-rich Indian food for bodybuilding recommended by Fit Tuber:

Breakfast- Three white eggs and two whole eggs (boiled) along with oats.

Lunch- For lunch, one has to cook special diet rice as explained in the video above that includes ingredients like chicken breast, chickpeas, ginger garlic paste, and a few masalas.

Pre-workout diet- Juice prepared from a mixture of bananas, oats, grapes, curd, peanut and warm water.

Post-workout diet- 10 boiled egg whites and dates

Dinner- Green salad, sweet potato, grilled chicken breast

Pre-bedtime meal- Raw paneer with almonds

Bodybuilding diet plan by Yash Anand

With more than a thousand subscribers, Yash Anand’s youtube channel is highly prominent in terms of fitness tips and health advice. Most of the subscribers have shared their personal experience too and have found his workout videos useful. In the above video, you will find his diet plan for bodybuilding in detail. So the following is the Indian bodybuilding diet plan for an entire day for bodybuilders:

Firstly, start your day with one or two glasses of warm water.

Breakfast- Two brown bread with peanut butter and 4 boiled eggs.

Mid-day meal- You have to make and consume a dish comprising of banana, apple and whey protein.

Lunch- 3 chappatis, vegetable, chicken/fish, salad.

Pre-workout meal- Whey protein drink

Dinner- Brown rice with chicken or egg or any vegetable.

Before bedtime meal- One glass warm milk with whey protein

So friends, did you find this post helpful? Did you find Indian bodybuilding diet plan helpful?  You can definitely try this out and do share your personal experiences below.


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