Best DNA TESTING KIT for Home Review 2018

Best DNA TESTING KIT Reviews 2018

DNA testing kit helps to find out your shared DNA, which helps in getting the expert knowledge of humans’ genetic makeup and the slightest variation in the genes that could affect the health of the person or reveal its ancestry that has grown by leaps and bounds. Since the information regarding the genetic history is so important and crucial, a few of the companies started manufacturing DNA testing kit for your home review. They help to figure out your genetic blueprint and help you to know about your heritage and health all from your home. In this article, we shall consider the DNA test kit reviews to get access to the best kit.

>How do you get the best DNA test kit when there are so many choices?
Read the DNA testing kit reviews below to find out how?

1. AncestryDNA: genetic testing

This DNA paternity test kit has helped over 1 million people to make family connections.

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2. Color- BRCA Test- Genetic Test for breast and ovarian cancer risk

This could be a breakthrough as it could be the first step in your knowing the genetic risk for ovarian and breast cancer.

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3. 23andMe DNA Test- Health+ Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

This ancestry DNA testing kit will help you to know the all about your ancestry in detail from 150 plus population around the world and get to know if your ancestors are from Iceland.

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4. National Geographic DNA Test Kit: Geno 2.0 Next Generation (Ancestry)

It will provide you a comprehensive breakdown of your ancestry by percentage in terms of geographical area and goes as far as 500,000 years.

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5. Oraquick HIV Test in Home

It is a painless and trusted method to check your HIV status. No blood is required just an oral test is required to be conducted that too from home

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The DNA test kits provide a lot of information, but a lot of data could be misleading and quite vague.  You need to consult a doctor regarding this.

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