Shortest Marriages in Bollywood

Shortest Marriages in Bollywood

Marriages do not seem to last long when it comes to Bollywood. While this is, of course, not true for all the celebrity couples who’ve managed to live a happy married life; but, it is true for those who couldn’t stand the test of time. Be it due to choosing a career over a partner or due to other personal reasons, here are some of the Bollywood shortest marriages ever.

  • How many types of marriages are there in India?

It is quite hard to pinpoint the exact number of marriage rituals in India, as the Hindu marriage itself has great diversity. But, talking about the types of marriages at a basic level, there are nine types of marriages in India. These include Hindu Marriage, Christian Marriage, Muslim Marriage, Sikh Marriage, Parsi Marriage, Buddhist Marriage, Jain Marriage, Court Marriage, and Mixed Marriages.

Although the marriage laws followed here are the same, but the ceremonies might differ. For instance, the Hindu Marriage follows Vedic rituals and the three rituals of Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi; the Christian marriages are performed by a priest in Church, while the Sikh wedding takes place in a Gurudwara.

  • Can someone take divorce after 3 months of marriage?

A divorce cannot be filed unless and until a year has expired from the date of marriage. It is only in exceptional cases that a divorce can be filed before the expiry of 1 year. And, as per Section 13b of the Hindu Marriage Act, you can get a divorce within 6 months from the court.

However, if you want to file for divorce within 1 year of marriage, you can file for leave of appeal under Section 14 of the Hindu Marriage Act. The divorce proceedings will commence once the appeal has been granted.

  • What is the new divorce law in India?

The Supreme Court has brought significant relaxation for Hindu couples filing a divorce. According to the new divorce law in India, the six-month waiting period prescribed under Section 13B is not mandatory but discretionary. It has given directions to lower courts to speed up the divorce process.

Under Section- 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the expenses of legal proceedings will be entitled to either of the spouses. The court can also direct the payment of maintenance entirely or monthly under Section 25 of the Act.

  • Primary difference between Hindu Marriage laws and Muslim marriage laws

The basic difference between Hindu and Muslim marriage law is that marriage in Hindus harmonizes the two-individual eternity, while in Muslims, marriage is the legal contract between two individuals that takes place with their will and consent.

Hindu marriage is a religious sacrament as only with the performance of some religious rites; the marriage is considered complete. On the other hand, Muslim marriage has nothing to do with religion and is purely a social contract. In Hindus, individuals do not marry within their own caste, but Muslims do the opposite.

Thinking about which Indian celebrity has the shortest marriage? Let’s have a look at some of them.

  1. Ali Merchant and Sara Khan

TV Actress Sara Khan entered the reality show Bigg Boss 4 with a very different perspective. She married the actor Ali Merchant on the show itself and it was the first time that something like had happened on Bigg Boss. Unfortunately, two months after their marriage, they parted away. At that time, it was even believed that their marriage was a publicity stunt.

  1. Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam

TV stars Shraddha Nigam and Karan Singh Grover met via a mutual photographer friend. They tied the knot in 2008 and kept silent on the issue. They were divorced in 2009. In 2012, she married the actor, Mayank Anand, while KSG got hitched with Jennifer Winget in the same year.

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  1. Kishore Kumar and Yogita Bali

Yogita Bali married the legendary singer and actor Kishore Kumar in 1976 and got divorced in 1978. It is believed that the age difference took a toll on their relationship. In 1979, she tied the knot with another famous personality, Mithun Chakraborty, and has three sons.

  1. Karan Singh Gill and Maliika Sherawat

They are among those couples who had the shortest marriage in Bollywood. Maliika Sherawat married Delhi-based pilot Karan Singh Gill in 1997 during her short stint as an air hostess. But, her ambitions of being a Bollywood diva did not match his husband’s visions, and the two divorced. She kept the divorce a secret as this would’ve affected her career.

  1. Samrat Dahal and Manisha koirala

In June 2010, Actress Manisha Koirala married Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal. But, they ended up parting ways two years after the marriage. As per the reports, the actress took upon herself all the blame for divorce. Having separated, Koirala returned to the glamour of Mumbai and was later detected with cancer.

  1. Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira

B-town actor Pulkit Samrat tied the knot to Salman Khan’s sister Shweta Rohira in 2014. But, just 11 months after their marriage, they decided to part ways as things went sour. Although Shweta mentioned that their separation was Pulkit’s family, it later revealed that it was Yami Gautam who broke their marriage.

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  1. Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget

One of the most loved celebrity couples, Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget, got married in 2012 and separated two years later. This was quite shocking for their fans. Although both of them went silent after their divorce, it was clear that in their hearts, it was unpleasant.

  1. Chahat Khanna and Bharat Narsinghani

It was in 2006 that Bharat Narsinghani and Chahat Khanna got married. But, this marriage turned into the worst nightmare with their divorce in 2007. Chahat Khanna is an Indian film actress who accused Narsinghani of physical abuse and, 6 years later, started a new chapter with Farhan Mirza.

  1. Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta

After two years of being in a relationship, Mandana Karimi tied the knot with Gaurav Gupta in January 2017. But, in July the same year, she filed a case against him and his family for domestic violence. Thus, former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi faced a tough time and separated from her husband just five months after their marriage.

  1. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya had a dreamy wedding that eventually turned into a bitter separation, which shocked their fans. The couple crossed paths on the sets of the Telugu film “Ye Maaya Chesave.” They dated for about eight years and had a fairytale wedding in 2017, which didn’t go well.

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  1. Noel Sean and Ester Noronha

Noel Sean and Ester Noronha tied the knot in January 2019 but separated only after a few days of marriage and lived separately. On September 1, 2020, Ester Noronha took to her social media and stated that she had officially divorced Noel Sean. Unfortunately, they had some differences, which led to their divorce, and they parted ways for good.

  1. Sumanth Yarlagadda and Keerthi Reddy

In 2004, Sumanth Yarlagadda, the nephew of Nagarjuna Akkineni, married actress Keerthi Reddy. But later divorced in 2006. Keerthi Reddy later married a US-based businessman again and settled down in the United States. Sumanth, however, remains unmarried.

  1. Amala Paul and A.L.Vijay

Amala Paul started with Telugu films like “Bejawada, Naayak, Love Failure”, and a few more. She got engaged to director AL Vijay in Chennai in 2014. But in 2016, the couple filed a divorce within a few months and were granted divorce in 2017.

  1. Javed Jaffrey and Jeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar, daughter of a famous political personality, is known for four weddings in her life. In 1989, she married a Bollywood comedian Javed Jaffrey. The couple separated within a year and, after two years, Bakhtiar went on to marry Adnan Sami.

So, these were some of the shortest marriages in Bollywood that might seem to be disheartening to you. But, all of these couples had their own reasons to separate for good.

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