Top Five Healthy Snacks to Buy in India 2022

This is a list of healthy Indian snacks.

Talking about healthy Indian snacks what comes in everyone’s mind is some fancy superfoods from Western countries like Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Kale, etc. The common factor in all of them is that none of them are grown in India. This leads to a mindset among people that our Indian traditional snacks are unhealthy which is far from the truth. These diet desi snacks will be a healthier diet for your body and lighter for your wallet.

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Here we are presenting the top five healthy Indian snacks to buy:

  • Roasted grams

My best friend who was in the army would always carry a box full of roasted grams saying they are the savior during remote postings.

  • Grams are full protein food consider grams as protein snacks in India and when roasted taste delicious.
  • You can add a pinch of salt or spices to add to the taste.

This cheap Indian snack is less messy to carry around and are fit for sudden hunger pangs. You can complement it with a glass of butter milk.

Handful of Channas Roasted Grams/Channas Photo  - Healthy Indian Snacks List
Roasted Grams

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  • Kurmura
Glass jar is full with Kurmura- Healthy Indian Snacks List

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Kurmura or the puffed time is a light and cheap Indian snack that you can relish any time.

  • To add on to the taste one can roast it with some oil, turmeric, and salt.
  • It is light on your body and wallet too thus forms our cheap and healthy Indian snack.

Baked Indian snacks

White Plate has Khakra over the top and other yellow Indian snack is sat next to it- Healthy Indian Snacks List


Is Khakra good for health? Backed food is always better than deep-fried. Healthy Indian snack options here are Gujarati specialties like khakhra, ragi /nachni. Also backed soya sticks and Bajra chips are healthy and top Indian snack options.

  • Poha
On the table has check sheet - have brown bowl filled with yellow Poha  and 2 green leaves- Healthy Indian Snacks List

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Poha or flattened rice is one of the favorite snacks in the Indian subcontinent.


In Copper Bowl, this is full with Tilgul - Healthy Indian Snacks List

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It is snack time and you are craving for something sweet here is a cheap and healthy diet Indian snack the Tilgul.

  • Tilgul is Ladoos of sesame seed and Jiggery.
  • They are full of vitamins calcium and iron.

You want to have a sweet after dinner but do not want to ditch your diet snacks, you can consider Tilgul, which is the best healthy snack options in India. Lighter for the pocket and healthy snack recipes for weight loss and fitness lovers.

  • Millet Upma
On large green leave, putting a Millet Upma - Healthy Indian Snacks List
Millet Upma

Gone are the days when millet was considered as poor man’s grain. It has received its place among urban fitness freaks due to its multitude of health benefits.

  • Millets can be used to cook Upma (a south Indian porridge) with vegetables in it.
  • It can be relished with coconut chutney.

It is cheap and a low calorie Indian snack for weight loss.

  • Roasted Lotus seeds (Phool Makhana)
In Brown Bowl, full with Roasted Lotus Seeds - Healthy Indian Snacks List
Roasted Lotus Seeds

Phool makhana is quite satiating yet low calorie cheap Indian snack.

  • It can be roasted using ghee with salt, pepper and amchoor.

It forms the best snack to satisfy hunger pangs and binging without getting into guilt of unhealthy snacking.

So go with these cheap & healthy Indian snacks good for your body and lighter for your wallet.

So is It the time to ditch the expensive so called healthy food from the west? Give your answers in the comments

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