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What Are the Best Shoes to Wear if You Stand at Work All Day?

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If you spend the majority of your day standing at work, you’ll know that it can wreak havoc on your feet. Not only do they become hot, sweaty and subsequently smelly, but the risk of chronic pain and blisters also increases. The best way to prevent this is to invest in a comfortable, breathable and supportive pair of work shoes.

The right pair of shoes will provide sufficient cushioning and a roomy fit that allows you to move your feet more freely. Whether you work in sales or customer service, it’s important to be able to do your job to the best of your ability without being distracted by discomfort. These shoes will help you perform better at work and feel better after work.

The Importance of Good Insoles

Before we get into the list, let’s not forget about the power of a good pair of insoles. The standard insoles that ship with your shoes are likely fairly basic and won’t provide the same level of cushioning as a dedicated pair.

Better insoles will provide upgraded cushioning and breathability, making even the least comfortable pair of shoes much easier to wear. If you’re looking for the best insoles, look no further than insoles.com. Here you can find a variety of insoles that are perfect for work.

Skechers Track Erath Boot

While the Track Erath looks a lot more like a sneaker than a boot, the namesake is very much fitting for the durable leather upper and high grip outsole. The all-black colorway features a clean, distraction-free design that makes the shoe suitable for more strict dress codes.

For hospital workers, an all-white version is also available. The soft, rubberized outsole is coupled with a memory foam footbed to provide sufficient levels of comfort throughout the day. Shock absorption technology, as well as a fabric lining, further adds to the comfort level.

Rockport Cobb Paulette Flat

For those who need a more formal pair of shoes for work, you’ve probably noticed that dressier shoes that are nearly as comfortable as sneakers are difficult to come by. But worry not, as the Paulette Flat is a pretty impressive compromise between the two.

It features a traditional leather upper with high quality stitching and a variety of different tones for every workplace. The shoe still maintains a sufficient level of flexibility and incorporates cushioning technology to make it easy to wear for long periods.

Crocs Mercy Work Clog

If you’re looking for something a little more fun and interesting that still provides a good level of comfort, look no further than the Crocs Mercy Work Clog. This interesting little shoe looks like a typical croc, bar the large holes on the upper. There’s no better way to stand out in comfort.

The great thing about these shoes is that they’ll not only serve you well at work but also during your downtime. They’re perfect for nights out and trips to the mall where you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

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