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5 Gadgets to Revolutionise Your Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene can be a sensitive topic. Many people get anxious about visiting the dentist and self-conscious about the way their teeth look, which is a dangerous combination for the health of your mouth. Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue!

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Let’s take a look at 5 gadgets that will improve your oral hygiene from home:

Sores and Ulcers

Canker sores and ulcers are common symptoms of stress, lack of sleep, a bacterial infection or something more serious such as herpes. A canker sore is a small, painful blister which can be irritating and sensitive for up to two weeks. If you suffer from sores, then LED treatment could be the answer. Devices such as a Luminance RED use concentrated, optimised waves of light to break down your sore and relieve pain.

LED treatment is safe for your lips and mouth and will quickly lessen your symptoms. Most users find that their sores and ulcers are healed within a few days. LED treatment can even be used as a preventative measure, by lightly using a device on the area where sores usually occur.


Toothbrushes have become far smarter over the past few years. The latest models boast up to seven settings from ‘supersensitive’ to ‘intense’ to achieve that perfect, personalised clean. They feature screens which show you how long you have left, and how much pressure you should be applying. Many use certain vibrations and sonic pulses to bust plaque and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

These breakthroughs in toothbrush design led to healthy, long lasting smiles. The features on an electric toothbrush, such as pressure monitors, are very beneficial to the wellbeing of your gums, as over brushing is the main cause for gum recession.


No matter how high-tech your toothbrush may be, flossing will always be important to reach all the hidden places. Power Dental Flossers use pressurised jets of water or even air to clean your teeth more effectively than ever. These power flossers will actively prevent cavities and remove most potentially harmful bacteria. The key to good oral hygiene is prevention, so the more you do now, the healthier your mouth will be later.

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Toothbrush Sanitiser

You use your toothbrush two times a day to clean as much harmful bacteria and plaque from your mouth as possible, but how well do you clean your brush? UV toothbrush holders are a neat and effective way of sanitising your toothbrush using highly specialised wavelengths of light to sterilise your bristles. Holders can be portable and rechargeable, which also makes them a brilliant environmental alternative to throwing away your toothbrush head and replacing it for a fresh one.

Tongue Cleaner

Your tongue is a major component of your mouth that is often forgotten and left uncleaned. The tongue can build up and retain bacteria, which can lead to infection and more serious problems down the line. You can buy alternative silicon toothbrush heads which are specifically designed to clean your tongue. These heads are designed to pop onto your brush after you’ve finished cleaning your teeth, then you can use the soft massager to make sure you keep your tongue healthy and feeling fresh.

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