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Root Canal or Dental Implant – Advantages and Disadvantages

root canal vs dental implant

Are you suffering from toothache or tooth decay? If so, you need to consider either a dental implant or root canal to fix it. In the case of a root canal, the dentist will remove the pulp and fill it with replacement material. When it comes to a dental implant, you need to remove your original teeth and install a metal post on your jawbone. A dental crown is also screwed so that you can chew normally. Want to find out which is a better root canal or implant? Read on to find the advantages and disadvantages of root canal vs. dental implant.

  • It does not require removing original teeth

The main benefit of a root canal is that the original tooth with the root canal is retained. This ensures that you get a natural smile. The decay is fixed using the crown, which is fixed on top of the existing tooth structure.

  • Root canal costs less

If you compare the root canal vs. implant cost, you can find out that you will pay lesser. It costs from $400-$2500 for a root canal. For Dental implants, the starting price itself is $3000. You will also get insurance coverage for root canals.

While a root canal is easier to perform, there are some disadvantages that you need to consider.

  • It depends on your tooth health

The main downside of a root canal is that it cannot be done on a tooth that has decayed a lot. In that case, your dentist will advise you to perform dental implants.

  • Without insurance, they are expensive

While they are cheaper than implants, they can still cost a lot, depending on the teeth. If you need both the crown and root canal, the cost can increase significantly. Root canal versus dental implant cost can be equivalent in that case.

  • Implants will remain for a lifetime

Once you have done dental implants, they will last longer. They also have a low failure rate in the long term. With good care, they can last for years.

  • Lengthy and intensive treatment process

For the question, what cheaper root canal or implant, the answer is dental implant is costlier. The dental implants require more visits with the dentist over a number of months during and after surgery.

  • Recovery period is longer

Since the procedure is invasive, you need to wait until the tooth is healed before going to the next stage. You also need to deal with swelling and pain. You also need to maintain a certain diet to avoid complications.

Whether you will go ahead with a root canal or implant depends on your dental issue, preferences, and budget. You can discuss with your dentist to understand your requirements and find the right solution. If you have high tooth decay and can afford high costs and more intensive processes, a dental implant is the right one for you. A root canal is better if you want a less invasive and more affordable solution

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