Breast Reduction Surgery Side Effects [Pros & Cons]



Also referred to as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed to remove excess fatty tissues from the breasts. Do you have large breasts?

Never worry because you can have breast reduction surgery to get a breast size, which is proportionate to your body shape and structure. In addition to ease discomfort, breast reduction surgery helps in improving your self-image as well as your ability to take part in physical activities.

Consulting a certified plastic surgeon [1], who can recommend you the right type of breast reduction surgery, is always best if you consider reducing your breast size. You should also get to know breast reduction surgery costs including its possible side effects.

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Who needs breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is advisable for women who need to resolve the given-below issues because of large-sized breasts:

  • Nerve pain
  • Skin irritation or rash under the breasts for a long time
  • Chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain, which needs medications
  • Poor self-image due to large breasts
  • Difficulty in finding clothes that fit your body. [2]

However, breast reduction surgery is not the right choice if you have:

  • obesity
  • certain conditions like heart problems or diabetes
  • smoke practice
  • need to stay away from breast reduction surgery scars on your breasts

You should also postpone the surgery if you have some plans for the future such as weight loss and childbirth.

Benefits of breast reduction surgery:

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, a professional surgeon handles a surgical procedure to minimize breasts and lift them. Let us see what to expect after breast reduction surgery?

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Positive outcomes: Since professional surgeons handle this procedure, people can expect great results.

Safe and Secure: Breast reduction surgery is a safe & effective procedure that assures the utmost protection. Therefore, individuals choose to hire the most qualified surgeon for facilitating the surgery.

Ultimate comfort: Discomfort and pain are what most women experience with heavy and large breasts. With a successful breast reduction surgery, people would obveiously get relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain. You will also comfortably wear tight-fitting clothes.

Improved self-image & confidence: A successful breast reduction treatment eliminates almost all the feelings of self-embarrassment and consciousness and therefore, making women feel better regarding themselves. As an outcome, they turn out to be more confident while socializing.

Gain more proportioned breasts: Having huge breasts is really troublesome if you have a petite body. However, women can enjoy well-proportioned and ideally sized breasts with breast reduction surgery. [3]

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Risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery:

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Pain: Patients may experience pain after surgery. So, the procedure should take place using anesthesia.

Health issues: Infection and painful complications are some health issues caused by breast reduction surgery. Sometimes, it may cause serious effects to the life of patients if the surgeon fails to perform the surgery the right way.

Affect breastfeeding: Breastfeeding moms should avoid breast reduction surgery, as surgery makes their nipple numb so that they feel hard to breastfeed.

Scars: Breast reduction surgeries offer scars that remain visible for years to come

Interference to daily activities: Once completing the surgery, patients restricts to perform everyday activities like taking a bath. Patients have to follow these restrictions for about three weeks. [4]

Recovery from breast reduction surgery:

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After spending a short time in a surgical procedure, you can able to go home the same day in a surgical bra. After a couple of days of your procedure, you may feel considerable soreness and your surgeon prescribes pain medication in order to help you in keeping comfortable at this initial period. Following breast reduction recovery tips including gently placing ice cubes on top of the bandages will help in alleviating discomfort. The recovery time will depend on the extent of surgery done and your natural healing rate. While you can able to walk on the same day of surgery, you will need help while getting dressed because you would not initially have a complete range of motion within your chest and shoulder. Your cosmetic surgeon would likely recommend you to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks to do breast exercises other than walking, as this ensures your incisions heal the right way [5].

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