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How to Reduce Breast Size after Delivery [While Breastfeeding]

reduce breast size after delivery

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of the little one inside your body. The mischievous kicks, turnings, tumbling’s and the butterfly movements are very adorable and the women actually miss these wonderful moments after delivery. What more can be exciting than the news of pregnancy in the new mommy and father life? This wonderful journey of pregnancy has to be carried along with many other factors such as weight gain, changes in the physical structure of women, stress, anxiety, nausea, headache etc.

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The long awaited day has come and finally, the little angel/rock star is out of the mom’s womb. The celebration would have already begun in the family. The women face a new phase of life called ‘Breast Feeding’.The new and mystifying adventure has tremendous changes in the new mommy’s life. Breastfeeding is a very healthy habit cultivated all across the globe as it has numerous health benefits. The milk is known to contain very effective antibodies that can fight again viruses or bacteria. It reduces the risk of allergy or asthma in the child. It can even reduce the sudden death of the baby which is called ‘infant death syndrome’. Breastfeeding is not only enjoyable for the baby but also a very nourishing way to reduce weight in the new mother.


As we already discussed the women undergoes a drastic change in the physical body. The change can be noticed from the first trimester itself; the hormones in the body indicate the breast to get prepared for the baby. As this happy breast gets softer and little swollen. There may be some small bumps forming around the nipple. The enlarging of breasts will continue to happen throughout the pregnancy. The breast size during pregnancy is prepared to grow fuller and bigger gradually.

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Some of the breast changes after pregnancy include nipples become so bumpy and dark, getting stretch marks on the breasts, and the fading shape of symmetry in the breast, achy and sagging breasts. The new mommy may notice that the breast is getting bigger day by day and going to unimaginable proportions.

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Women Life Maintain Breast Size after Breastfeeding

Here we are going to focus on how women can maintain their breast size after breastfeeding.

  1. Yoga and Exercise – Can tone the body to tremendous levels. Follow the breast firming exercises list.
  2. Massage – Massaging burns the unwanted fat in the breast.
  3. Avoid junk foods.
  4. Diet – What you eat plays a part in the amount of fat you store in your body.
  5. Green tea – The fat metabolism of the breast is regulated by consuming this.
  6. Ginger – Burns excess fat throughout the body.
  7. Flaxseeds – Reduces the estrogens level in the body and helps in reducing the breast size. Also aids in weight loss.
  8. Egg whites – The mask of egg white on breasts can help in the return of the new cuticle and recovers sagging.
  9. Neem and Turmeric – the paste formed by these ingredients when applied on the swollen breast has wonderful benefits.

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Ayurvedic remedies reduce breast size

Ayurvedic remedies reduce breast size and release the pregnancy hormones much faster compared to the breast reduction pills. The natural remedies are very affordable and non-invasive. The cup size can be maintained by choosing the right cardiovascular exercise. The thousands of years of the Vedic practice has very surprising benefits to reduce the breast size and sagging.

  1. Shatavari – Reduces enlargement of breasts to a very great extent. The family of asparagus suppresses the hormones to get rid of the breast enlargement.
  2. Manjishta – The toxin and the waste cleanup can rejuvenate the body which helps in toning of the breasts.
  3. Neem & Turmeric – These two medicinal herbs when given in necessary form can make wonderful changes to women’s body.

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Yoga reduce breast size

Prayer Pose – The pressure on pectoral muscles while performing this asana can help reduce the breast size naturally.

Half moon posture – The Ardha Chakrasana can reduce the breast size steadily and it benefits for weight loss also.

Ashtanga yoga exercise – The Bikram yoga exercise has many benefits and it has to be taken only with the help of the proper practitioner.

The frogs pose – This pose will almost imitate a frog posture and this asana can reduce weight and breast size.

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Bench press, push-ups, shoulder shrugs, upright rows, shoulder press, anterior front raises, side raises, pullover, toning fit, incline press, hip shift, wall press techniques, plank, and pec deck workout can be a good strength-training for toning the body and the breasts.

Path To Well-Being

It’s highly recommended to take all the remedies and the exercises from the proper practitioner for better results and faster recovery.

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